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Host artists and celebrate our community at ArtPrize 2021.

Join ArtPrize in creating art experiences that are both safe for the public and push the boundaries of public art in Grand Rapids.

How to be an ArtPrize Venue

  • Register Your Venue

    If you have a space within the ArtPrize district, you’re qualified to be an ArtPrize venue. Just sign up for an ArtPrize Account and pay the registretion fee during Venue Registration.

  • Connect with Artists

    Decide which artwork you’d like to display in your space, browsing and reaching out to registered artists at during the Connections period. Connect with at least one artist to become an official ArtPrize venue.

  • Host Your Exhibition

    Prepare your exhibit over the summer — then host artists and celebrate our community this fall.

Venues Are Essential to ArtPrize

Nearly 200 venues throughout Grand Rapids — outdoors and in, big and small, public and private — host artists and visitors during ArtPrize. Museums, parks, universities, retail shops, office spaces, restaurants, cafes, nonprofits, churches, residences and truly any other building or space can join in the energy and excitement of ArtPrize.

Each individual venue that signs up works directly with artists, organizing its own show. Collectively, these nearly 200 independently-organized art shows make up the ArtPrize competition. Simply put, ArtPrize wouldn’t be ArtPrize without these venues.

Do you have a space in the ArtPrize district? We’d love to work with you.

Important Dates

  • Venue Registration Starts
  • Venue Registration Ends
  • Artist Registration Starts
  • Artist & Venue Connections Starts
  • Artist Registration Ends
  • Artist & Venue Connections Ends
  • ArtPrize Opening Day
  • ArtPrize Closing Day
  • We are here