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"The G-Rap Map"

Justin Smith's avatar Justin Smith

Through design and technology, I capture cities in a fresh and unique way. The G-Rap Map at ArtPrize2013 will offer a new perspective on Grand Rapids' urban geography. It's the map of the city, depicted with 25,000 white spots painted with street/traffic paint (same as cross-walks). Those 2-D spots are also geometrical data: coordinates and codes that unlock 3-D digital treasures inside the piece. It works much like the magic yellow line on a football field, but much more artistic :-) You won't really understand until you see it. The physical piece you see painted on the wall is only half, the rest is only visible by looking at the piece through the Layar Viewer app. Test it out on your computer screen with the newscast image above. It is the biggest map I've ever done - and quite possibly the world's largest artistic map of Grand Rapids. I believe it's also the first big Augmented Reality piece in ArtPrize. (33 Sheldon between The Children's Museum and the Main Library).

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: Varies, approx 1-3 inches
  • Medium: Mixed Media, Convergent Media, Augmented Reality
  • Width: Varies: 8+ feet to a few inches
  • Year created: 2013
  • Height: Varies: 8+ feet to a few inches